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Vairas KLS ALM/EN 70 25/780mm, 31,8mm 9°

Handlebars ALM/EN 80 are intended for All-Mountain/Enduro Riding. Long, steep climbs up, and fast rides down through a rough MTB terrain. Sounds familiar? These ones are for you.

  • Aluminium 6061 introduces much more stiffens while also providing a bit more comfort due to its natural flexibility
  • The balance of strength and lightweight comes from Double Butting – combination of 2 different thicknesses of the material. Where the material has to withstand the highest loads – it is thickened to provide extra strength. In areas where the material is not handling that much pressure, it is thinned to reduce the unnecessary weight
  • Extra-wide handlebars for extra-good control in extra-difficult conditions
  • Handlebars are easy to shorten if needed – just follow the lines on the edges and cut as much as you need
  • Easy to set-up using the scale


  • Back sweep: +9° / Up sweep: +5°
  • Width: 780mm
  • Diameter: 31,8mm
  • Weight: 380g

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