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Gertuvė ELITE JET Plus 0.95l (skaidri)

Jet Plus

  • The Jet Plus water bottle is the Elite Jet bottle in biodegradable plastic material featuring a protective cap
  • Available in 3 sizes (550 ml, 750 ml, 950 ml) the Jet Plus bottle combines the best qualities performance-wise of the most used Elite bottles such as lightness and quick & copious liquid flow but it's a more sustainable option for your hydration because it is made with a substance that helps the bottle break down more easily and in shorter times when it goes in landfills than standard plastic bottles.

Biodegradable plastic. What's that?

  • The Jet and Jet Plus bottles, as well as the Jet Green and Jet Green Plus models, are one of the first instances where we strived to get to more sustainable alternatives to the classic single-use bottle.
  • The Jet and Jet Plusbottles meet these criteria as they can reduce their decomposition times when entering the regular industrial recycling waste processes. The plastic material used for the Jet and Jet Plus is treated with a special additive that makes microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of plastic able to attack the polymeric chain of the material they're used in.

Practical, with protective cover

  • The main difference between Jet and Jet Plus is that the latter features a practical protective cover to shield the spout from dust, mud and other external agents that might settle on the nozzle while using it. It's perfect to ensure total safety and hygiene even on gravel and mountain bike courses.
  • Features a graduated scale to check on liquid consumption - Jet Plus features a bottle body designed specifically to make it easy to handle under any circumstance, other than ensuring increased stability of the product in the bottlecage.
  • Featuring a standard 74 mm diameterJet Plus can be used on all commercially available bottlecages. 

Max liquid flow

  • The Jet Plus includes the innovative Elite cap featuring a push-pull nozzle that ensures abundant and easy liquid flow, which is key in the midst of a race.
  • The cap is quick to unscrew - ideal for easier cleaning and/or refilling.

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