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Skydelių komplektas 26-27.5" SKS Veloflexx 65, juodi

The VELOFLEXX mudguard set combines the stability of a fixed mudguard with the flexibility of a clip-on mudguard. This mudguard profits of a continous profile. Therefore it’s only compatible with disc brakes.

The VELOFLEXX bridge allows the rear mudguard to be attached at the top of the seat stay without tools using rubber straps. That’s why this way of mounting doesn’t rely on the cross stay anymore where the caliper brake is usually bolted. At the front, the VELOFLEXX is mounted to the fork bridge with a rubberised hook and loop fastener or a cable tie. The frame adapters enable it to be mounted to any fork the can the angle be adjusted. The black-coated stays provide even greater support. INCL. HOOK AND LOOP FASTENERS AND TENSION RUBBER!


  • Svoris: 600 g
  • Spalva: juoda
  • Tinka rato dydžiui: 26", 27.5"
  • Priekinio skydelio ilgis: 605 mm
  • Galinio skydelio ilgis: 850 mm

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